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Not only do I have an immense name, I like to do a lot as well. Creating digital products, design, typography and development. Exploring new technologies, trying out new things and learning is what I love most. When I am not too busy ordering stupid domains or riding my bike.

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I got introduced to webdesign in primary school, studied graphic design, worked at agencies and built numerous apps at studios and startups. The interest in design and tech has led me through a broad range of experiences.


product and strategy

To build digital products or selling your services online you need a solid strategy.



Branding, but also UX and UI design makes you stand out and create happy customers.



Pick the right strategies and tools for the job and build a foundation you can build on.


that’s me!

I am a generalist that loves solving problems, so I can help you with all or any these.

the past
and present.


Sustainable growth with good intentions, see all traffic without any cookie banners.



I love helping organizations grow using my skills in product, design and development.

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Multilingual apps are a pain in the ass. What?! makes it easy as pie, you just can’t eat it.


Photo of Emmanuel Boukandoura, Rabobank

Disclaimer, I may have baked brownies.

I can only recommend Tim to any dev team looking for a cracking fullstack Node.js engineer with a keen eye on UI and a real ability to pick up initiatives from their inception.
— Emmanuel Boukandoura, Rabobank

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Do you have an awesome idea or question? Need help to improve your digital product, app or website? Or just want to chat about design, tech, privacy or sustainability?

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