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WIP: help to level up developer careers with their portfolio.

  • design
  • development

Still in the workshop, but this project will provide developers an easy way to professionally showcase their work and skills. Hopefully enabling the next step in their careers. It will be an open source Astro theme in collaboration with Elian.

Theme for rockstar engineers

Centralize engineering resources to scale Rabobank.

  • development
  • react
  • node
  • backstage

Scaling IT is difficult, it will create all kinds of bottlenecks across teams. At Rabobank the mission is to centralize all engineering related topics in one portal called the EngineersHub, based on the Backstage project from Spotify. I worked on the marketplace, where teams can offer and order managed services across the bank.

Backstage internal developer portal

Improve the SmartTV platform for Talpa, NLZiet, DPG Media and NOS.

  • development
  • svelte
  • graphql
  • smarttv

While rebuilding the entire KIJK app for Talpa we improved the performance and stability of the SmartTV app platform that runs KIJK, NLZiet, DPG Media and NOS.

SmartTV app for KIJK from Talpa

Made with Triple.

Make HR fun again, with HoorayHR.

  • strategy
  • design
  • development
  • angular
  • node
  • flutter

Making HR easy and fun, from inception to proof of concept to a product that helps hundreds of companies. I've been involved before it even started, as a generalist I could contribute to strategy, design and development. We started as a time off calculator and ended up with an HR suite.

HoorayHR software


  • design
  • development
  • angular

Building multi language applications is challenging, especially for Angular. It had great support from Angular itself, but it lacked a nice UI to work on translations and merge existing and new translations.

What?! Angular XLF translation app

Is it a bird? Is it a tank? No, it is TankBird.

  • design
  • development
  • angular
  • node

Every now and then you need to send something you don't want to be stored in Slack or e-mail for eternity. Or even prevent the possibility other people can have a look, like passwords and API keys. That is why I created Tankbird, one time readable secrets with end to end encryption.

TankBird, app for secure messages

water and agriculture.

  • development
  • flutter
  • angular
  • node
  • gis
  • geoserver

Water management is a big topic in the Netherlands, especially for agriculture. That why we have the the Waterschappen. Perceelwijzer aggregates data from multiple regions into a single app, there farmers can find all the information they need, subscribe to any relavant updates and ask questions or report issues.

Perceelwijzer, mobile app for everything about water in the Netherlands

Made with Liters.

I got some


  • Smolbig

    founder 2023 />

  • Freelance

    product, design and development - let's chat! 2012 />

  • Passionate People

    consultant 2021 — 2024

  • Rabobank

    consultant 2023 — 2024

  • Triple

    consultant 2021 — 2023

  • HoorayHR

    chief innovation officer 2018 — 2021

  • Liters

    creative developer 2017 — 2021

  • Bitwolk

    co-founder, designer and developer 2015 — 2020

  • O-utrecht

    designer, dtp and developer 2010 — 2017

  • Schimmelpenninck Büro für Gestaltung Berlin

    designer and developer 2010 — 2010

  • Stipp

    designer and front-end developer 2010 — 2010

  • Typotekst

    dtp 2008 — 2009

  • Ars Aequi

    developer 2005 — 2006


  • DONG Energie
  • DPG Media
  • EYOF
  • Gemeente Utrecht
  • Goudappel Coffeng
  • Het Waterschapshuis
  • Incision
  • Jantje Beton
  • Monier
  • NS
  • PostNL
  • ProRail
  • Provincie Utrecht
  • Rabobank
  • Talpa
  • UMC Utrecht
  • Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis

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